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        Typical Application of Products

        Typical Application of Products

        material feeding

        1.Vertical type kiln hood air blower
            Raw material of cement is added from the top of the vertical kiln, and combustion air is fed from the top or lower side. The raw material falls principally depending on its deadweight. Clinker is discharged from the lower part of the kiln and the resulting fume vented from the upper part. Similar application includes supply of air for small iron-refining furnace and iron-melting Cupola.

            Air blower is usually used for supplying air to breeding-pond in some large scale fish & shrimp aquiculture plants so as to increase oxygen content in water, to speed up the decomposition of some toxic material, to purify water and to promote the growth of fish and shrimp. Similar devices can be used for oxygen supply and agitation in aquarium and living fish tank.

        3.Aeration treatment to polluted water
            Air blower mainly provides oxygen for aquatic aerobic bacteria and power for agitating the mixture in the aeration tank. This product is mainly used for the treatment of industrial sewage resulting from paper making, spinning, printing, dyeing, petrochemistry, viscose, food processing, fermentation and brewage as well as for the treatment of domestic wastewater.

        outer pipe;
        inner pipe
        conducting layer

        4.Air source caused by ozone
            Tens or hundreds sets of equal discharging tubes are arranged in a tube-shaped ozone producer. Every set of discharging tube consists of two pieces of homocentric pipes, outer metallic pipe and inner glass pipe (silver or graphite conducting layer is coated in the inner wall). Some of the air or oxygen provided by the air blower will be converted into ozone when passing the discharging gaps between two pipes.

        heat sealer
        packing bag

        5.Vacuum packing of food
            Put food into the flexible packing bag and an air pumping hole is arranged in the opening of the bag. Air in the bag will be pumped out with a vacuum pump and then seal the bag with a heat sealer, and the packing is finished. The damp-proof, anti-mould and oxidation resistant effects are very good due to the discharge of most of the air and the control of moisture in the bag.

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