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        Range of Use

               Based on our yearsí» technical outcome and production experience, 2BE water-ring vacuum pump and compressor is efficient and energy saving products manufactured in combination of the advanced technology of the similar products. It is used to suck non-corrosive gases containing no solid particles and insolvable to water so as to form vacuum and pressure in the sealed container. After altering the structural material, it can also be used to suck corrosive gas or fluid as work fluid. This pump is widely applied in paper making, chemical, petroleum, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, construction material, electrical appliance, coal washing, mill run, fertilizer, etc.

              Adopting single-stage structure, this pump is simple in construction, easy in maintenance and reliable in running as well as efficient and energy saving. Meanwhile, it adapts to large water discharge, impacting or vibrating load, etc.

        Performance Specifications

        Main Performance Parameters

        Actual flow rate ĘC air inlet pressure curve

        Note: The left-side performance curve is measured under the following working conditions: 1. Exhaust pressure 1013mbar  2. Temperature of saturated air 20튠  3. Temperature of work fluid 15튠  4. Performance allowance 10%

        Outline and Installation Size 1 (2BE1 202/203/252/253 installation size diagram for pump head)

        (Our products are being upgraded constantly. In case that the technical data or structure is different from the actual data, please refer to the agreement concerning the technical parameters concluded between both parties. No further notice will be made.)


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