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        Range of Use

              Mainly used in the process with large exhaust and rough vacuum, it serves to eject air and other corrosive gas insoluble to water but allowed to contain few solid grains. The gas to be ejected is allowed to be mixed with little fluid.   This pump is widely used in machinery, pharmaceutical food, and petroleum, etc.

        Note: I. Calculation of the data listed in the table is based on the following conditions:

                  1. Atmospheric pressure: 0.1013Mpa(760mmHg)  2. Incoming water temperature: 15 3. Sucked-in air temperature: 20   4. Relative air humidity: 70%

                  II. Allowed performance deviation: +3%

        Actual flow C air inlet pressure curve

        (Our products are being upgraded constantly. In case that the technical data or structure is different from the actual data, please refer to the agreement concerning the technical parameters concluded between both parties. No further notice will be made.)


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