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        Range of Use

              Based on 2BV water-ring vacuum pump, 2BA oil-ring vacuum pump substitutes transformer oil for water originally in terms of work fluid. Its ultimate vacuity is improved, up to absolute pressure under 6.7mbar, even 1.3mbar, for the reason that the saturated vapor pressure of oil is low. Water-ring vacuum pump reaches absolute pressure 33mbar only because the saturated vapor pressure of water is high. When exhausting heavily polluted gases or in other special occasions, the work fluid of 2BA Oil-Ring Vacuum Pump can also take water or other fluids. As this pump is a closed-loop circulating system, it largely reduces pollution to the environment. Its ultimate vacuity is decided by the saturated vapor pressure of the work fluid.

                Oil-ring vacuum pump is widely used for evaporation, crystallization, desiccation and filtration in oil refining, paint, plastics, soap, food, sugar, pharmaceutical, etc.; concrete working; and vacuum degassing in metallurgy, etc. Due to its compact structure, little maintenance, reliable service and high efficiency, it is substitutable for Models W, WY and WL reciprocating vacuum pump in many occasions.

        Performance Specifications

        Main Performance Parameters


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