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               2BA unit-construction water-ring vacuum pump is a new model developed and manufactured on the basis of the original Models SKF, 2FA and 2BV water-ring vacuum pump in order to meet vacuum pumpí»s air admittance with water. Enjoying advanced design and novel construction, it can be applied to the harsh and complicated environment and can suck media containing water vapor and condensable vapor. Without danger when sucking flammable, explosive, poisonous or corrosive gases, it can be widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, power, pharmaceutical, food, ceramics, sugar, printing, dying, metallurgy, plastics, brick-tile, leather well, and point precipitation, etc., especially accessory to molding machine. Due to the excellent performance and so many advantages, it will completely replace Models SZ, SK, 2SK, 2S-185, 2S-230 and W reciprocating vacuum pump. (All stainless steel and alloy cast bronze cast vacuum pump for your option)

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