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        Range of Use


                WLW Vertical Oil-Free (Corrosion Resistant) Reciprocating Vacuum Pump is the substitution for W Horizontal Vacuum Pump, serving as the major equipment to have rough vacuum. Adopting an all-sealed device, it absolutely separates the crank case from the cylinder. In addition that the piston ring is made of self-lubricated material, this pump can make oil-free lubrication. Due to no sewage exhaust, it is especially applicable to vacuum distillation, evaporation, drying, condensation and dipping in chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors, 

        (1) Low energy consumption, energy saving
        (2) Small coverage, low noise
        (3) Good cooling because the cylinder takes enforced water cooling;
        (4) Adopting advanced sealing so as to prevent oil splash;
        (5) long life because each running part is rationally structured and bears even pressure; 
        (6) Capable of resisting acid, alkali and organic solvent if the cylinder is made of stainless steel or lined with Teflon or subject to anti-corrosion treatment;   
        (7Improving vacuum cleanness and capable of exhaust recycle, WLW oil-free vacuum pump is especially applicable to food and pharmaceutical sectors.

        Performance Specifications

        Main Performance Parameters

        (Our products are being upgraded constantly. In case that the technical data or structure is different from the actual data, please refer to the agreement concerning the technical parameters concluded between both parties. No further notice will be made.)


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