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        Scope of Application

              The dry screw vacuum pump is air-pumping equipment that makes use of the effects of inhaling and exhausting activities resulting from the synchronous and high speed combating rotation of a pair of pitch-adjustable screw. Born by bearings, both screws are installed in the pump shell via fine calibration by dynamic balance. There is a certain gap between screws. Therefore, there is not friction when they work. The pump works stablely and there is no noise. Meanwhile, no lubricant is required in the working cavity. As a result, the dry screw pump can be used in occasions to remove a great amount of vapor and small amount of dust. For the screw makes up the pitch-adjustable structure and the gas to be pumped will be compressed in the working cavity. Comparing with the constant pitch structure, the ultimate vacuum is even higher and the energy consumption is even lower. It is characterized by energy-saving and maintenance free. It is an updated substitute of the oil seal vacuum pump.

         (Our products are being updated constantly. In case that the technical data or structure is different from the actual data, please refer to the agreement concerning the technical parameters concluded between both parties. No further notice will be made).


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