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        Scope of Application


        This series of capacity-variable oil-free vacuum pump is especially applicable to chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is sound in pumping 100% of organic solvent such as alcohol, gasoline and butane, etc. Also, it ensures long-term reliable working. Moreover, the important gas pumped can be 100% recycled and reused. Liquid removal device is installed on this series of pump, which helps to discharge liquid condensed in the cavity of the pump to ensure the pumping efficiency and prolong service life of pumps.


        Pumping sanitarily without pollution to the environment;
        There is not contact with inner parts in the flowing cavity. Therefore, no oil and gas contamination shall be produced;
        Great pumping capacity, stable working and low noise;
        Low maintenance costs

        Matched usage

        As the fore-pump of Roots pump, molecular pump, titanium sublimation pump, sputter-ion pump and cryogenic pump, clean oil free middle and high vacuum machine sets can be made.

        Application Environment

        Chemical industrial laboratory, vacuum distillation, vacuum fractionation, vacuum condensation and molecular distillation;
        Spectral instruments and electron microscope
        Surface physical and analytical instruments
        All kinds of coating equipment, annealing furnace, heating furnace and space research;
        Production of vacuum tube, heat pipe, image conversion tube and kinescope;
        Processing technique of optical device, semiconductor parts, plasma etching, chemical vapor deposition, molecular beam epitaxy and ion implantation;
        Vacuum drying, vacuum lyophilizing, vacuum sintering, production of liquid crystal and vacuum smelting;
        Solar electric power
        National defense scientific research


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