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        Scope of Application

        MH-2 serial vacuum pump (hereafter referred to pump as simply) is a kind of air extracting vacuum pump. The vacuum that is as low as 1.33pa can be achieved. Therefore, it satisfies the requirements of all kinds of high vacuum.

        The mechanical motion system of this pump is made by internationally advanced technology. The top rotary technology in the world, together with Rhodes law (oil splash lubrication) and Newton's law of inertia as well as two stages double cooling and lubrication are applied to the pump. The working power is only half of W series (to and fro type) and X series (vane pump) (the pumping rates are the same). This pump is characterized by reliable and stable operation as well as low noise, low working power and long service life. The main components of the pump body are composed of abrasion-resistant, high-silicon cast iron and are completed at once after surface treatment in the processing center. This pump is also characterized by high precision, less abrasion and less maintenance, and is widely used in dyeing, chemical industry, food additive, pigment, paint, medicine and fine chemical industry and other industries. It is the best in domestic vacuum pump industry.

        Performance and Specification

        Main Performance Parameters


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