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        Scope of Application

        There are two types of plunger pump, single stage H type and double stage 2H type. Both are widely used in various occasions such as pharmacy, electronics, smelting, ceramics, aviation and laboratory as well as vacuum operations such as vacuum hard coating, vacuum drying, vacuum degassing and vacuum impregnation, vacuum sintering, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum condensation, vacuum reaction and vacuum simulation tests. Both can be used individually and be used together with the fore-pump of other high-vacuum pumps such as Roots pump, oil diffusion pump and molecular pumps, etc.

        They are suitable for pumping air and other common gases. When air ballast is used, they can also be used to pump some condensable gas including vapor. Our company collaborates and communicates with foreign enterprises, and developed the new generation of 2H serial plunger vacuum pump. Each performance of them is superior to the original plunger pump including model H, MH, 1401 AND KT. In comparison with the 2X rotary vane pump, the durability of 2H plunger pump is scores of times of the former. In case that gas containing high volume of oxygen, explosive, erosive to ferrous metals, chemically reactive to vacuum oil and more water or dust is pumped, add additional devices please, (such as filter, gas-water separator and 1# vacuum oil). These products are praised as national famous brands and have passed the tests conducted by the National Center of Supervision and Inspection on Vacuum Equipment. The patent No. is 200720033105.2.

        (Our products are being upgraded constantly. In case that the technical data or structure is different from the actual data, please refer to the agreement concerning the technical parameters concluded between both parties. No further notice will be made).


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