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        Applicable Scope

        JZJH2H Roots rotary piston vacuum unit is a vacuum unit composed of Roots pump as the main pump and rotary piston vacuum pump as the backing pump. The automatic make and break and automatic overload protection of Roots pump and plunger pump are realized by vacuum relay or electricity-connection pressure meter. The entire pump unit is installed on a machine frame, and affiliated components are pipeline, valve, electric appliance operational control box and cooling pipeline system. Structure of the pump unit is compact and convenient for application. In order to prevent oil backflow when the plunger pump stops, an electromagnetic charge valve is installed in the backing inlet pipeline in unit of this series. And its action is coupled with the motor of backing pump. Before the plunger pump stops, it inflates the opening of the pump, which ensures the vacuum oil in the plunger pump to flow back to the oil tank as well as simultaneously preventing the vacuum system from being contaminated by the vacuum oil.

        The Roots rotary piston vacuum unit is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, high vacuum degree, and high pumping amount of air in high vacuum zone. It is widely applicable in the transformer, wire and cable, vacuum soakage of capacitor, and vacuum drying technology in electric power industry. It is ideal vacuum equipment for vacuum coating, vacuum refining, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum oil filtration, lyophilization, and aviatic simulation experiment. If gas containing small amount of vapor or dust is pumped, a filter device shall be installed.

        (Since our products are improving constantly, in case that the technical data or structure of samples is different form the actual information, please refer to the agreement concerning the technical parameters concluded between both parties. No further notice shall be made).


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