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        Applicable Scope

        JZJHWLW serial Roots oil-free vertical vacuum unit is the new trend of vacuum industry in the new century. It is manufactured and designed in pursuit of environment-conservation, high efficiency and recovery for both our factory and our customers.


        1Vacuum as high as 150pa can be acquired. And the declining scope of pumping speed is small under a high vacuum state.
        2Clean vacuum can be acquired by using oil-free self-lubrication as material; therefore it is widely used in the vacuum system of food and pharmacy.
        3Tail gas-colleting device can be installed at the outlet to collect gas that can not be condensed but with no compression or solidification under high vacuum system, such as DCDP, benzene, toluene and alcohols, etc. The foregoing chemicals are usually exhausted and cause pollution due to its difficult collection because of low boiling points. 
        4The unit has advantageous of energy-saving, low noise and low return for maintenance.

        Externality and installation dimension


        (Since our products are improving constantly, in case that the technical data or structure of samples is different form the actual information, please refer to the agreement concerning the technical parameters concluded between both parties. No further notice shall be made).


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