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        Applicable Scope

        JZJHS Roots water ring vacuum unit is connected by Roots pump as the main pump and water ring pump as the backing pump. The water ring pump is adopted as the backing pump of the Roots water ring vacuum unit because it is more convenient than any other vacuum pumps. It not only overcomes the poor ultimate pressure (the ultimate pressure of the unit is dramatically increased relative to the water ring pump) during operation of single water ring pump as well as slow pumping speed under a certain pressure but also reserves the advantages of rapid running and large pumping speed of Roots pump. It is especially appropriate for pumping large amount of condensable gas. This advantage is even more obvious when the vacuum pump of gas ballast oil seal equipment is incapable of pumping the condensable vapor, or the solvent used will worsen the pump oil and influence performanc

        e, or oil contamination is not allowed in the vacuum system. When anti-explosion motor and electric appliances are allocated and corresponding safety rules are complied, it can also remove flammable and explosive gas. Therefore, Roots-water ring units are widely used in evacuation system such as vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation, dehydration and crystallization in chemical industry; lyophilization in food industry; vacuum drying in pharmaceutical industry; terylene-cutting in light textile industry; and the upper air simulation experiments, etc.

        Externality and installation dimension

        (Since our products are improving constantly, in case that the technical data or structure of samples is different form the actual information, please refer to the agreement concerning the technical parameters concluded between both parties. No further notice shall be made).


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